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We Love to Connect

Do you know what the best verb of all is? The verb LIVE.
As the song says you have to know how to live. But it is also necessary  to make it live. 
 And that's what we do and love doing every day.
Create those special connections that make you live much longer. Experience much more emotions
and much more content.

live intense stories and live  new and engaging experiences. Living is creating communities around dreams. And it is in this creation of the extraordinary that lives our purpose. Because it's one thing to just watch,  it's another thing to feel it. 
experiences we live never leave us. They remain in our memories, on 
our skin. They don’t leave us because they're what connect us with each other as people. And when we are connected like this, we experience more, we live more.

When we are connected, all shared joy multiplies. When we are connected we are truly alive. Living is nothing more than connecting. And V3A exists to connect you. We are connectors of companies, people, emotions, and communities. Because at the end of the day, it's those special connections that make that life, count.

V3A. We Love to Connect.


is the number of employees on 4 continents: 

South America, North America, Europe, and Asia


women and/or LGBTQIA+ in charge - We are proud of this number in the management of On Demand RJ and SP.


 cities. World? Yes... Our passport is stamped in 30 countries and 6 continents 

(even Antarctica).

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