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Petrobras 70 years Exhibition

TAGS: #inovação #exposiçãoimersiva #praiadecopacabana

Petrobras 70 years Exhibition

V3A celebrated Petrobras’ 70 years with a unique exhibition, “Brazil is our energy”, which transformed Copacabana Beach into an immersive stage. With five surprising rooms, the journey through seven decades of Petrobras has captivated visitors. The experience began inside a house, portraying a Brazilian family’s life over the years, connecting their emotions to the energy. Leo Martinez, Creative Director, highlighted the importance of regional elements in this itinerary. The exhibition continued with a mix of immersive experiences and drama, guiding the visitors through thematic rooms such as “Time is Energy”, “Energy to Open Borders” and “Roots for the Future”. In the final room, an Instagrammable space summarized the journey, offering content related to Petrobas’ history, its projects, and plans to lead the energy transition. V3A reaffirms its commitment to providing unforgettable and meaningful experiences.

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