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 Lapa pela Lapa

Lapa pela Lapa

TAGS: #música #cultura #festival #rap

The best of urban culture in the most bohemian neighborhood in RJ

The first edition of Lapa pela Lapa took thousands of participants to the most bohemian neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro to enjoy the best of rap and urban culture. Beyond the musical performances featuring renowned artists like BK, Marcelo D2, Cynthia Luz, MV Bill, Drik Barbosa, BNegão, and the duo Abronca, the festival transformed the neighborhood's traditional bars into spaces for dialogue and discussions on important topics for young artists. Lapa pela Lapa was also an opportunity to do good for others: at the event, the production raised donations for the Associação São Martinho, which defends the rights of children and young people in vulnerable situations.

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