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BatCave Oi to CCXP

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Check out how we took BatCave Oi to CCXP 2019!

We took the BatCave to CCXP, the largest geek-pop-gamer culture fair in the world. The theme of the 2019 edition was Batman's 80th anniversary and, intending to position our client Oi's brand, we combined cutting-edge telephony technology - which, in this case, was delivered through Oi Soluções - with the fact that Batman is the only superhero without powers, having to use the high technology of his gadgets to fight the enemies. Yes, Bruce Wayne is only Batman because of Oi's innovative technology.

We built a complete experience that focused on a visit to Wayne Manor. It started at the BatFurniture parking lot, following the entrance through a real waterfall. Upon entering Alfred, the superhero's butler and faithful squire took a tour of the mansion showing iconic details of the house, such as the red telephone and the secret passage to the BatCave. There were the contents: Oi games and even the NOC – CCXP Control Center – where Oi engineers carried out IT control of the entire fair.

To complement the BatCave, we created, in Rio de Janeiro, a studio with live debates with influencers and an activation in which cartoonists drew and, in SP, a 5G robotic arm reproduced them physically in real-time, more than 600km away. The delivery also included the installation of the event's entire Wi-Fi service and the future of 5G was present in an interactive game and on 5G cell phones, as a tasting.

Para complementar a BatCaverna, criamos, no Rio de Janeiro, um estúdio com debates ao vivo com influencers e uma ativação na qual os cartunistas desenhavam e, em SP, um braço robótico 5G os reproduzia fisicamente em tempo real, a mais de 600km de distância. A entrega teve ainda a instalação de todo o serviço de wi-fi do evento e o futuro do 5G esteve presente em um game interativo e em celulares 5G, como degustação.

If Batman needed technology, Oi delivered!


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